Zeal2Heal is a child welfare trust started by a group of passionate students who aspire to see change in the world.It was started in 2012 and it is a completely volunteer driven organisation.As the name denotes every person/member of our association have the eagerness to heal the pain of less fortunate people. The Association is registered on 23rd January 2012. "Zeal 2 Heal" is not a residential Trust.

Our team of youngsters work for enlightening the lives of abandoned and less fortunate children.

Our Story

Zeal2Heal’s Journey began as a group of friends(Ahalya, Abinaya, Vishnu ram,Rathina prabhu) started discussing social problems and felt guilt of not being able to contribute towards the betterment of the society. Mere discussions alone will not help. Anything and everything needs a spark to be ignited. We believe Zeal2Heal’s spark is Mr.P.G Gowtham raj, One of our Trustees. He made us take the first step. We decided to start with the younger generation. We found it  easier to inculcate our thoughts and responsibilities to the children. We had tremendous hope in children which made as focus on child welfare activities. We wanted to find out the orphanage which required help. We started our survey in  orphanages across Madurai. We came across Bethany Children’s home were we saw true dedication and purpose. We chose to help them with their immediate needs. Its all our friends who gave us the confidence to do it. Their support in         terms of money and belief made as stronger. Their trust is our strength. We started our first event on the right day-Children’s Day November 2010.We donated two doors for a room to make it utilizable for the children. Then there was a long gap. We were clueless. Then came a chance for us to organize a medical camp in CSI pasumalai with another NGO. It was a big challenge as it was our first tie-up. This event shot up our strength in terms of members as well as confidence to go ahead. This is when we emerged as “zeal2heal”,a non-profit  organization. We took all necessary efforts to register it as a trust on 23rd January 

2012 with 8 trustees. Then our members’ strength gradually grew up to 20 active members. We have more than 200+ supporters’ .Its their support which keeps us going. All our members have the passion to serve and that is the one which bind us together. We will strive hard to make a difference in the society.


  • To provide children education,Child basic amenities, child medical care and child welfare to poor, orphan  and destitute children.
  • To improve the quality of life of underprivileged children by way of give scholarships and educational assistance in the form of free books, Uniform to poor and deserving students for higher education.
  • To pave way to Orphan and destitute children for their better future and settlement in different regions of the world.
  • To create awareness against illiteracy, alcoholism, early marriage, child labour and other social offenses through effective, systematic and scientific counseling to needy people.
  • To provide help and support underdeveloped villages in terms of  education, medical aid, Sanitation and other development measures.


Ahalya Desikan


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Rajesh Henry



Sriram Krishnan

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Gandhimathinathan Chidambaram


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Ponsaravanan P


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Sornavignesh S


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Sakunthala Desikan

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Abinaya Desikan


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C-43 brindhavan street, Madurai, India


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+91 - 8105896001